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Sathish Sundar aka SATZ.
About my creative journey

Sathish Sundar aka SATZ is a popular Tamil blogger and a growth hacker. He is an affiliate marketing lover and a crypto enthusiast.
You will see the BitcoinTamil website online where it covers all crypto and blockchain-based story in the Tamil language for sure.


I’m Sathish from Tamil Nadu, India. I currently work as a digital marketing head and content manager at a reputed organization. I’m a blogger and a WordPress lover. I started my blogging career back in 2015 and still counting a few result-driven blogs. Affiliate marketing made me stick to this blogging career due to the greatest ROI that I achieve.

Recently, cryptocurrency and blockchain draw my interest to a deeper level. I’m curious enough to explore more in this industry and leverage my skills with that indeed. Started to educate my regional people about cryptocurrency via my regional blog BitcoinTamil. You can find interesting articles and tutorials in Tamil language for sure.

Later, I’ve started to pick the pencil after NFT emerges. This made me drew some creative digital arts as well. I wish we could stay connected and grow together.

With love
Sathish Sundar.

  • 2015   ·   Entered blogging.
  • 2016   ·   Sold my first Blogspot blog.
  • 2017   ·   Got my content writing freelancing job.
  • 2017   ·   Started my 1st Affiliate Marketing blog & banked $700.
  • 2018   ·   Quora top writer badge in Blogging category.
  • 2019   ·   Reached 100k followers in one of my Instagram entertainment accounts.
  • 2020   ·   Packed around $4000 in affiliate marketing.
  • 2021   ·   Started BitcoinTamil regional blog.
  • 2021   ·   Interested in creating NFT arts.