Privacy Policy

Here is the complete Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions data for the Sathish Sundar website. You will never skip this content. I made it simple and easy to read for you instead of lengthy content. Go through my privacy terms below.

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023.
Terms and Policy – Sathish Sundar

The below terms and policies are updated. I have a cookie consent banner at the bottom of my website with the necessary info. You can either accept or deny it!

  1. Intellectual Property Rights
    I don’t have the right to own any of the copyrighted logos or wordmarks. I’m not responsible for copyright violations that the user-generated content creates. All the brands/copyrighted words are owned by their respective owners.
  2. Disclaimer to limit liability
    I never encourage fraud/malpractice on my website/platform. I don’t endorse any statements received from third parties or users. I’m just hosting the user-generated content which can be removed anytime upon request.
  3. Policies and Warranties
    I respect my customers’ user experience and their privacy. I’m not involved in any of the transactions unless I don’t provide them with invoices from my legal bench. I don’t provide any warranty to the visitors about the content/plugin. I try hard to keep my platform clean and clear without any issues.
  4. Comment Policies
    I never accept spam comments or social-violating comments. I don’t accept comments that have only backlink intention.
  5. SSL Security
    Our Lets Encrypt SSL server will protect the users from various cyber-attacks. My servers are clean and secure with an encrypted module HTTPS.
  6. Pricing
    You can check my pricing page for more info. I also provide free services to businesses requiring a start.
  7. Contact Us
    You can use my Contact Us form for any legal queries. If I find you spamming or threatening for no reason, I will block you from accessing my network forever.
  8. Media Information
    I only host user-generated content and I’m not responsible for copyrighted/false media property. I will take it down if I feel it is suspicious or found to be spam.
  9. Newsletter
    I will provide you best newsletter content. You can subscribe to my premium newsletter. You can even unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsub link. Your data might be used for future follow-up and data science in our platform. But I don’t spam anyone for any crappy reason.
  10. Advertisement/Notifications
    We might have 3rd party advertising ad units on our plugin or website. It helps us forward to reach our milestones. We are not responsible for any advertisement content. You can follow the respective brand for further discussion. It is up to you to access them.
  11. Product Service Reviews
    The products and services that we are reviewing on our platform are subject to the admin’s opinion. Neither Sathish Sundar nor the admin is responsible for any of the damages that occur while trying/consuming the recommended product.
  12. Cookies
    We accept cookies and we’ve stated them when you visit our website for the first time. Our cookie policy never spams you or injects any suspicious data. We will keep it for your better website user experience. We don’t collect any credit card or payment details. We have also stated our policy terms in brief in this section. Kindly, contact us if you would like to reach the InPerks team.